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European Council, 28-29/06/2016 - Agenda highlights

Met dank overgenomen van Europese Raad, gepubliceerd op woensdag 29 juni 2016, 1:01.

Agenda highlights

The European Council meeting will be mostly devoted to a discussion on the political consequences of the UK referendum. The leaders will also address other pressing issues: tackling the migratory crisis, deepening of the single market to boost growth and jobs, and enhancing the security of the EU by working more closely with NATO.

Invitation letter by President Donald Tusk to the members of the European Council

Background brief

Outcome of the UK referendum

The European Council will discuss the outcome of the UK referendum held on 23 June 2016. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Cameron will explain the situation in the UK after the vote, followed by a first exchange of views. On Wednesday, the 27 heads of state or government will meet informally to discuss the political and practical implications of the referendum results. They will also start a debate on the future of the European Union with 27 member states.

Negotiations ahead of the UK's EU referendum - timeline


Leaders will address migration. In particular they will turn to situation in Central Mediterranean and cooperation with third countries of origin and transit. They will also take stock of the implementation of the EU-Turkey statement of 18 March 2016 and the closure of the Western Balkans route.

EU-Turkey statement, 18 March 2016

Finding solutions to migratory pressures

Commission communication on establishing a new partnership framework with third countries under the European Agenda on Migration

Jobs, growth and investment

Leaders will call for the deepening of the single market, with a focus on the digital agenda. They will also endorse the country-specific recommendations under the 2016 European Semester and assess the first results of the European Fund for Strategic Investments.

External relations

The European Council will discuss EU-NATO cooperation ahead of the NATO summit in Warsaw on 8-9 July 2016.

NATO summit, Warsaw, Poland, 8-9 July 2016



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