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LIFE platform meeting on restoration of sand dune habitats, Zandvoort

Raadhuis van Zandvoort
datum 15 juni 2016 - 17 juni 2016
plaats Zandvoort
organisatie Directoraat-generaal Milieu (ENV)

LIFE will hold a platform meeting and networking event on the restoration of coastal and inland dune habitats in June.

The platform will, for the first time, bring together projects focusing on the restoration of these habitats ahead of the next Atlantic and Boreal Seminars for the Natura 2000 Biogeographical Process. The experience of LIFE projects in the restoration of coastal and inland dune habitats will make an important contribution to the background documents for the seminars.

A key element of the Biogeographical Process is ongoing networking and the exchange of knowledge and best practices amongst those involved in managing Natura 2000 network sites, with the aim of promoting synergies amongst Member States that will help them achieve the targets the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020. Best practices demonstrated by LIFE projects in the management of dune habitat types and key species have a valuable role to play.

The main aim of the platform meeting will be to extract and compile the contributions of the LIFE programme to the Process, in order to encourage the creation of expert networks and to bring about coordinated regional actions. The results and recommendations of the meeting will be widely disseminated to relevant Member State authorities, experts and NGOs. They will also be made available on the Natura 2000 Communication Platform , as well as via the LIFE website.

The LIFE Unit and Nature Unit of DG Environment are organising the event, with the support of the Neemo external monitoring team and ECNC-European Centre for Nature Conservation. The platform meeting will be hosted by the LIFE Nature projects Dutch Dune Revival (LIFE09NAT/NL/000418) and Amsterdam Dunes: Source for Nature (LIFE11NAT/NL/000776) and will take place in the Dutch coastal town of Zandvoort. The three-day event will include presentations, working group sessions and field trips. Themes will include:

  • Sharing best practice in the rejuvenation of active dune processes and raising awareness of the value of open and bare sand habitats;
  • Innovative approaches to the management of semi-fixed dune mosaics in inland and coastal dune systems;
  • Tackling the problems of invasive alien species and the need for early-warning systems;
  • Highlighting the ecosystem services values of dune systems;
  • Confirming the next steps for networking, research priorities and the exchange of knowledge.

To register your interest please contact John Houston john.houston@neemo.eu

The programme is available here.




Directoraat-generaal Milieu (ENV)

Dit directoraat-generaal ontwerpt nieuwe milieuwetgeving, werkt deze uit en ziet erop toe te dat de overeengekomen maatregelen ook daadwerkelijk door de lidstaten in praktijk worden gebracht. Opdracht daarbij is: het milieu voor huidige en toekomstige generaties te beschermen, te bewaren en te verbeteren en de duurzame ontwikkeling te bevorderen.

Dit DG valt onder verantwoordelijkheid van de eurocommissaris voor Milieu, maritieme zaken en visserij.


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