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Video viEUws.eu: Corporate tax avoidance: No possible loopholes this time, urges the Greens Group | EU Financial & Competition

Met dank overgenomen van viEUws - The EU Policy Broadcaster, gepubliceerd op maandag 15 februari 2016.

Richard More O’Ferrall, spokesperson for the Greens Group, discusses his group’s new report on corporate tax avoidance, called ‘IKEA: flat pack tax avoidance‘, briefly explaining how the Swedish giant had been using a series of tax loopholes in different EU countries, dodging, at least, €1 billion over the past six years. The report also examines the limitations of the European Commission’s anti-tax avoidance package published last January. This week, Commissioner Moscovici is set to visit the ECON Committee to discuss this issue, so, watch this space.

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