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Video viEUws.eu: EU Agriculture Briefing: EU-US trade, Mercosur, Recycling plan, COP21, December Council

Met dank overgenomen van viEUws - The EU Policy Broadcaster, gepubliceerd op donderdag 10 december 2015.

In this latest Brussels Briefing on agriculture, AGRA FACTS journalists Rose O’Donovan & Ed Bray provide an update on the latest developments on EU agriculture policy. EU-US trade talks were high on the agenda when EU Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan spoke on a panel with his US counterpart Tom Vilsack at the 2-day Outlook conference in Brussels (December 1-2). Divisive agricultural issues such as GM crops must be part of a deal, Vilsack said. Both highlighted the farm sector would play its part in cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Elsewhere, Argentina’s new leader Mauricio Macri has reignited hopes of an EU-Mercosur trade deal, while pledging to end restrictions on grain exports, moves that would have big implications for global agriculture. The Commission tabled the long-awaited ‘Circular Economy’ package on December 2 setting out recycling goals, but without a concrete target for food waste. At the time of filming, climate talks were ongoing in Paris, but a food security pledge stoked mixed reactions.

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