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Open Doors Day 9 May: A festival of Europe's regions and cities

Met dank overgenomen van Comité van de Regio's (CvdR), gepubliceerd op dinsdag 28 april 2015.

​The European Committee of the Regions welcomes visitors to experience the diversity across Europe's regions and cities.

On Europe Day​, the EU institutions will open their doors to the public. Visitors to the European Committee of the Regions will have the opportunity to learn about the institutional history, current role and activities and future priorities from the information stands of the Committee's Political Groups and from tailor-made presentations.

The beauty and diversity of Europe's landscapes, cultures and traditions will also be celebrated via an interactive exhibition. Some 50 regions and cities await visitors to savour local flavours, taste regional specialities and participate in contests and games.

Entertainment and souvenir-photo opportunities for the entire family!

Find out what else is going on.


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