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EU Africa Summit: People, Prosperity and Peace

Met dank overgenomen van Europese Dienst voor Extern Optreden (EDEO), gepubliceerd op vrijdag 9 december 2011.

The 4th EU-Africa Summit brought together more than 60 EU and African leaders, and a total of 90 delegations, to discuss the future of EU-Africa relations and reinforce links between the two continents.

Seeking to establish a partnership of equals that puts people at the centre of the EU-Africa relations, the summit agreed that the implementation of the Joint Africa - EU Strategy (JAES) shall focus on the following 5 priority areas: (i) Peace and Security; (ii) Democracy, Good Governance and Human Rights; (iii) Human development; (iv) Sustainable and inclusive development and growth and continental integration; (v) Global and emerging issues. For each of these objectives, a number of actions have been identified at inter-regional, continental or global levels in the Roadmap 2014-2017 .

Priority area 1: Peace and security: to ensure a peaceful, safe, secure environment, contributing to human security and reducing fragility, foster political stability and effective governance, and to enable sustainable and inclusive growth.

Priority area 2: Democracy, Good Governance and Human Rights: To ensure a transparent, democratic and accountable environment in the respect of Human Rights and the Rule of Law, contributing to reducing fragility, fostering political stability and effective governance, and enabling sustainable and inclusive development and growth.

Priority area 3: Human development: Promote human capital development and knowledge and skills based societies and economies, amongst others by strengthening the links between education, training, science and innovation, and better manage mobility of people.

Priority area 4: Sustainable and inclusive development and growth and continental integration: Stimulate economic growth that reduces poverty, create decent jobs and mobilise the entrepreneurial of people, in particular the youth and women, in a sustainable manner; support development of private sector and SMEs; support the continental integration process, notably through accelerated infrastructure development, energy, industrialization and investment.

Priority area 5: Global and emerging issues: achieve common positions in global fora and international negotiations and jointly address global challenges.

For more information and materials from the summit and the summit declaration please visit EU Africa Summit.

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