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Energy-efficient window to solve ventilation and heat loss problems in old buildings with help of EU funds

Met dank overgenomen van Uitvoerend Agentschap Onderzoek (REA), gepubliceerd op dinsdag 28 januari 2014.

An EU-funded consortium has developed wood and aluminium windows ensuring comfort, a pleasant room temperature and good air quality in commercial and residential buildings with deficient ventilation systems. The new windows, produced at a pre-industrial scale by the Climawin team, and conceived as an optimal solution to avoid thermal loss in old constructions under renovation, are expected to be commercialised at the end of the year.The new technology could lead to substantial energy savings. The energy performance of both private homes and offices is expected to be improved, on average, by 20%.

The windows introduce innovative solar energy storage technologies, minimising heat loss at night, and include energy-efficient solutions and new ventilation features.

The windows have:

integrated vents for air intake control;

air filters;

a frame with two layers of glazing;

a blind powered by solar energy that changes position according to solar heat and light intensity;

a self-cooling function for hot climates ensuring thermal insulation while allowing daylight in;

a pre-warming ventilation mode for cool climates;

integrated electronics and wireless communications between room sensors registering indoor temperature and humidity levels and the windows;

a flush/bypass mode for extreme weather condition.

The windows can work as automated stand-alone products or components of 'smart' building networks, as well as parts of hybrid systems - including mechanical ventilation solutions.

The pre-industrial prototypes developed by the consortium were three years in the making, and have been supported by almost €1.2 million in EU funds for research and innovation.

'Climawin shows that low carbon can also mean big business opportunities for SMEs,' says Michael Jennings, spokesman for European Research, Innovation and Science Commissioner Máire Goeghegan-Quinn.

The consortium was formed by 7 partners from Denmark, Germany, Ireland and Portugal.

The project was managed by the Research Executive Agency.

Full press release

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