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The unique position of the United Kingdom in the European Union

maandag 2 december 2013, 13:41

DEN HAAG (PDC) - British member of the European Parliament and president of the ALDE party, Sir Graham Watson, will come to The Hague on February 6th for a debate with professor European Law Deirdre Curtin (University of Amsterdam/Utrecht). Topic of this debate will be the unique position of the United Kingdom within the European Union.

The EU is seeking more powers to effectively solve the economic crisis and to regulate the financial sector, an important factor in the economy of the United Kingdom. How does the UK deal with further European integration in the light of democratic legitimacy? Is it possible for the United Kingdom to keep its unique position in the European Union?

This debate will be moderated by Hans Goslinga, political columnist of newspaper Trouw.

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Debate 'The United Kingdom and the State of the European Democracy'


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