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EU helpt Europese artiesten nieuwe markten aan te boren (en)

Met dank overgenomen van Europese Commissie (EC), gepubliceerd op vrijdag 22 november 2013.

Thousands of artists and arts professionals in European cinema, television, music, literature, the performing arts and heritage will benefit from increased EU funding.

Creative Europe will run for 7 years from January 2014. Its €1.46 billion budget will be used to promote Europe’s cultural and linguistic diversity, help the arts and creative sectors adapt to the digital age and globalisation, and open up new international opportunities, markets and audiences.

Who will benefit?

The ‘Creative Europe’ programme will help artists and arts professionals to share their work across borders by funding the following initiatives:

250 000 artists will be helped to share their work across borders

European films will be seen in hundreds of cinemas and festivals around Europe, thanks to funding for their development, promotion and distribution

4 500 books and other literary works will be translated, enabling authors to break into new markets and be read more widely

Thousands of arts organisations and professionals will acquire new skills to help them operate internationally

Small businesses working in the arts and the creative industries will gain access to up to €750 million in bank loans.

Successful EU projects to continue

The long-running projects European Capitals of Culture, the European Heritage Label and European Heritage Days will continue as will the 5 EU prizes for cultural heritage, contemporary architecture, literature, music and film.

Boost to jobs and growth in the EU

The arts and the creative industries play a major role in the European economy, accounting for about 4.5% of Europe’s GDP and employing over 8 million people. Investment in these sectors will help to create new jobs and boost growth. Many small businesses in the arts and creative sector will be helped to access finance more easily, to develop the skills needed in the digital age and to strengthen their capacity to work across Europe.

Press release - Commission welcomes approval of Creative Europe programme

Creative Europe

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