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Raymond Kendall

In 1996, Raymond Kendall, Honorary Secretary General of the ICPO Interpol (1985 - 2001), held the third Europe Lecture. Arthur Doctors van Leeuwen, former chairman of the Council of Procurators General, introduced him. They spoke about law enforcement in Europe.


Raymond Kendall

Raymond Kendall is a British law enforcement officier and former secretary-general of Interpol. He was in active service with the Royal Air Force in Malaya (Malaysia).



"I am very honoured to be in the historic city of Utrecht to speak to you on the subject of law enforcement in Europe.

At a time when much of the media interest in Europe tends to focus on European Union initiatives it is pleasant to be able to present the point of view of a long and well-established intergovernmental organisation which over more than seventy years of its existence may be considered to have gained some experience and authority in the matter. I see the opportunity which is given to me this evening as a recognition of that authority."

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