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Arthur Doctors van Leeuwen

In 1996, Arthur Doctors van Leeuwen, former chairman of the Council of Procurators General, introduced Raymond Kendall, Honorary Secretary General of the ICPO Interpol (1985-2001), at the third Europe Lecture. They spoke about law enforcement in Europe.




Arthur Doctors van Leeuwen

Arthur Docters van Leeuwen

Arthur Docters van Leeuwen (1945) was president of the Authority for Financial Markets (AFM) between 1999 and 2007. Internationally and amongst collegues Docters van Leeuwen rose to prominence, chairing European and international fora of financial regulatory authorities.

Docters van Leeuwen is also well known for holding the position of president of college of public prosecutors, a position in which he clashed with the minister for Justice in 1998, leading to his resignation. He was also head of the Dutch intelligence service for internal security.



"Nowadays discussions on international crime are filled with military terminology. Just think of the fight against organised crime or the war on drugs. Therefore, you should not hold it against me that I start with a quotation from a great military strategist. I quote from Clausewitz’s Vom Kriege: ‘Attack and defence are elements of a different nature and of unequal strength. Consequently, polarity is not applicable here.’

The gist of the paragraphs in which he explains this is, that defence is not the reverse of attack. In other words, if you don’t want to be attacked, you should not defend yourself, but make sure that you will not be attacked."


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