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Gerhard Aigner

In 2000, Gerhard Aigner, former chief executive of UEFA (1999-2003) held the 8th Europe Lecture. He spoke about Euro 2000 and the social significance of sport. He was introduced by Margo Vliegenthart, member of the Dutch House of Representatives.




Gerhard Aigner

Gerhard Aigner is a retired football executive. Aigner was general secretary and later chief executive of the European football association UEFA from 1989 to 2003. Prior to his appointment Gerhard Aigner had worked at UEFA for nearly two decades. Before his career at UEFA Gerhard Aigner played soccer at a fairly high level. As of late 2013 he continues to be involved with sport.



"It is a great pleasure for me to be here today at the Hogeschool van Utrecht, and I thank the hosts of this event for giving me the opportunity to address you tonight. I was asked to speak about EURO 2000 and the social significance of sport.

Sport touches each of us, not only as a social phenomenon, but also as a factor of unification between countries, continents and cultures. We will all have a chance to see the various elements at work in a major sporting event relating to my own discipline – football – in this very country this coming summer. The Netherlands, together with Belgium, will be staging the final round of one of football’s most important and prestigious international competitions for nation­al teams: the European Football Championship, EURO 2000."


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