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Lord Peter Carrington

In 1994, Lord Peter Carrington, Secretary-General of NATO from 1984 to 1988, held the second Europe Lecture. He was introduced by Berend-Jan van Voorst tot Voorst. He spoke about peace and security in Europe.




Lord Peter Carrington

Lord Carrington is formidable politician, diplomat and World War II veteran. Lord Carrington entered the politics in 1940 and, at time of writing in 2013, still actively participates in political life. Lord Carrington is a former secretary-general of NATO, has held the ministries of Defence, Foreign Affairs and Energy (even if only briefly) and is a life peer in the House of Lords, the House he led in the early sixties.

Other public positions of note include service as an officer in World War II, First Lord of Admiralty, UK High Commissioner to Australia, chairman of the Conservative Party and top-level diplomat. In addition to his record in public service, Lord Carrington was director at a number of large companies.



"How justifiable is it for Western Europe to intervene with military force in countries with large ethnic conflicts?

Is it acceptable NOT to intervene when a large part of Europe seems to be reverting to barbarism?

It is a very great privilege to be asked to address you this evening. It is also very pleasant for me once again to be in the Netherlands. Fifty years ago this year, I had the unforgettable experience of seeing at first hand the courage and resolution of your fellow countrymen, the privations they suffered, and the resilience of spirit in the most appalling circumstances. The Dutch character is something greatly to be admired and give or take a few differences over the centuries, including an unforgivable intrusion up the River Thames, your country and my country have been firm friends. Long may it continue!"


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