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European e-Justice and Practical Solutions (Beginners level), Luxemburg

Luxemburg stad
© Liesbeth Weijs
datum 23 mei 2013
plaats Luxemburg, Luxemburg
organisatie European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA)

Target group

This seminar addresses lawyers, judges, judicial officers and other legal practitioners who wish to discover the general framework and main tools of European e-Justice. It is also relevant for officials of ministries of justice who are involved in the computerisation of courts, judicial services and national ministries involved in the development of e-Government projects. Staff of legal documentation centres and NGOs can also benefit from the hands-on approach to existing European online resources.


e-Justice has been under discussion at European level since 2007 and we are now able to discover and use the first practical tools developed as a result of the roadmap for European e-Justice.

This one-day seminar for beginners will detail the evolutionary European framework, roadmap and action plan, explore the progress and obstacles of a true European e-Justice, as well as allowing participants to use two of the main tools of European e-Justice and discuss their relevance to their professional practice. Some information on the work currently being done to develop e-Justice tools will be succinctly provided.

From the mere access to information on laws via the internet, to the possibility of electronic communication with persons involved in court proceedings, there is a wide range of opportunities for using information technologies at national, European Union and international level. This not only facilitates communication between professionals, but also improves access to justice for citizens, businesses and legal practitioners. However, use of e-Justice tools at European level requires interoperability between national systems. Users are thus confronted with some specific obstacles: a confusing profusion of sources of information; a partial lack of legal harmonisation, national or even technical choices; and multilingual contexts.

Learning methodology

Presentations, discussions, online exercises, all allowing for Q&A sessions and discussion of practical use of existing tools.


The objectives of the seminar are twofold:

  • • 
    firstly, to detail the general framework, find out more about its perimeters and goals and how it is trying to make a coherent whole from diverse initiatives developed at national level through improved interoperability and common projects;
  • • 
    secondly to present the main functionalities of the principal tools and build research reflexes through practical online exercises on the website of the Court of Justice of the European Union and the European e-Justice Portal.

Special Discount of €390 will be offered to participants who register for both E-justice seminars (Beginners and Advanced level, 23-24 May 2013).

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European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA)

Het Europees instituut voor bestuurskunde (beter bekend als The European Institute of Public Administration - ofwel EIPA) streeft ernaar om de kennis van ambtenaren die zich met de EU bezighouden te vergroten door het ontwikkelen en organiseren van trainingen. Het instituut wil wetenschappelijke kennis en praktische 'know–how' met elkaar verbinden. EIPA bestaat al meer dan 35 jaar.

Het hoofdkantoor van EIPA is gevestigd in Maastricht en heeft dependances in Luxemburg en Barcelona. Gemiddeld nemen 14.000 nationale en Europese ambtenaren per jaar deel aan de trainingen. Daarnaast biedt EIPA ook consultancy, onderzoek en op maat gemaakte programma’s/trainingen aan. Bij EIPA werken circa 120 hoogopgeleide medewerkers.


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