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Europe Rewards Effective Negotiators - You may know the rules but do you know how best to use them?, Maastricht

© Kevin Bergenhenegouwen / PDC
datum 29 mei 2013 - 31 mei 2013
plaats Maastricht
locatie O.L. Vrouweplein 22 Toon locatie
organisatie European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA)

Target group

All regional, national and EU officials who take part in the negotiations inherent to the decision-shaping and decision-taking processes of the European Union. In particular, case handlers and coordinators based in national capitals, regions or agencies, representatives in Council Preparatory bodies, attaché(e)s and counsellors from Permanent Representations, as well as officials from EU institutions and agencies.


This three-day seminar helps participants to identify, use and improve techniques in order to perform efficiently as a representative in multilateral processes of negotiation at any stage of the EU decision-shaping and decision-taking mechanisms. Participants are in particular guided on the interactions among Member States as well as the negotiation processes within the Ordinary Legislative Procedure.

In three days…

  • 1. 
    Acquire pragmatic as well as methodological tools, theoretical frameworks, practical hints and tips, and hands-on advice to secure and upgrade your expertise as a national representative within the EU governance system.
  • 2. 
    Experience the dynamics of EU decision-shaping and intercultural processes with negotiation professionals: test your knowledge, audit your competencies, reduce your stress and assess your communication performance in a unique multinational programme.
  • 3. 
    Benefit from the learning points of a highly interactive training, which combines group reflection sessions, targeted knowledge transfer, the exchange of best practices and experimentation of no fewer than three realistic simulation exercises.
  • 4. 
    Develop your individual skills as negotiator and communicator, also with personalised pedagogical tools such as the CultureActive© Online Assessment, an individual action plan, access to EIPA’s online campus, and personal feedback interviews after the training.

Our team of experts

  • • 
    Since 1987, EIPA has been providing training, coaching and advice on negotiation processes to local, regional, national and European officials.
  • • 
    Our experts have accompanied thousands of officials in learning how to communicate efficiently, better prepare and perform within Council or ‘comitology' meetings, manage the rotating Presidency, negotiate with the European Parliament, and cope with administrative and cultural differences.
  • • 
    We equip officials with methods, instruments and techniques resulting from recognised research and practice of European negotiations.

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European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA)

Het Europees instituut voor bestuurskunde (beter bekend als The European Institute of Public Administration - ofwel EIPA) streeft ernaar om de kennis van ambtenaren die zich met de EU bezighouden te vergroten door het ontwikkelen en organiseren van trainingen. Het instituut wil wetenschappelijke kennis en praktische 'know–how' met elkaar verbinden. EIPA bestaat al meer dan 35 jaar.

Het hoofdkantoor van EIPA is gevestigd in Maastricht en heeft dependances in Luxemburg en Barcelona. Gemiddeld nemen 14.000 nationale en Europese ambtenaren per jaar deel aan de trainingen. Daarnaast biedt EIPA ook consultancy, onderzoek en op maat gemaakte programma’s/trainingen aan. Bij EIPA werken circa 120 hoogopgeleide medewerkers.


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