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Verklaring eurocommissaris Hedegaard over besprekingen in Bonn over klimaatverandering (en)

Met dank overgenomen van Europese Commissie (EC), gepubliceerd op vrijdag 14 juni 2013.

“I'm pleased that the EU's suggestions for encouraging Parties to make ambitious commitments under the 2015 agreement have gained traction in the discussions, and the great strides the EU has made in reducing our own emissions already have certainly helped with this. I am also glad to see that there has been a groundswell of support for the EU 's proposal for a global phase-down of HFCs.

Finally, we have made headway towards implementation of some of the decisions we've collectively taken at recent climate conferences, such as in better understanding how to manage the role of agriculture and of forests in the context of climate change.

However, I remain concerned that many of our major negotiating partners do not yet seem ready to engage beyond restating positions of principle. We are all familiar with and embrace these principles but now must face the long neglected challenge of building a set of ambitious commitments that reflect these principles.

While the outcomes of these negotiations are good news, the last two weeks also illustrate with all possible clarity that a lot more work will be needed to get solid results from COP 19 in Warsaw in November. Warsaw needs to achieve a strong package of implementation measures to show climate action is progressing on the ground. It needs to set out a clear pathway for adopting an ambitious legally binding agreement in 2015 and it needs to make substantive and tangible progress on raising pre-2020 ambition.”

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