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Training and Certification Programme for Data Protection Officers and Other Data Protection Professionals - Basic and Advanced Module, Maastricht

© Kevin Bergenhenegouwen / PDC
datum 24 juni 2013 - 28 juni 2013
plaats Maastricht
locatie O.L. Vrouweplein 22 Toon locatie
organisatie European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA)

Target group

This course is designed for anyone whose work relates to the processing of personal data. It is aimed, among others, at data protection officers, national and sub-national officials, compliance officers, information officers, record managers, human resources officers, and any other data protection professionals, particularly those in the public sector and from the EU institutions, agencies and bodies.


The course will offer an in-depth analysis of the present data protection legal framework, a detailed explanation of the key concepts and principles, actors and roles, before addressing the latest developments and challenges in the field of personal data processing and protection.The course aims at presenting practical explanations and tools allowing the participants to develop or further enhance the professional skills necessary to be a top-performing data protection professional.Numerous practical examples, combined with a high level of interactivity, will provide participants with all they need to know about data protection in theory and practice, as well as an insight into how to handle the myriad issues that arise in the workplace on a daily basis in such a challenging and quickly developing working area.

Learning methodology

The course has been divided into two modules - basic and advanced - to offer participants the flexibility to adapt the event to their needs.The course is based on presentations, case studies, exercises and guided discussions, and will also involve coaching by DPOs of European institutions and agencies and other Data Protection experts.Each participant will have access to the EIPA e-Learning platform “I-Learn“ through a personal login and password, which will be communicated before the start of the course. I-Learn will be accessible before, during and after the course, thus enabling participants to obtain all necessary information regarding the organisation of the course, to download reading materials, to exchange views in a discussion forum and to keep in contact with trainers and other participants after the course.


The basic module (two days) will offer an explanation of the data protection legislative framework, key concepts and principles of privacy, actors and roles, before addressing the latest developments and challenges in the field of personal data use and protection. It will present participants with all of the basic knowledge, allowing them to fully benefit from the advanced module.The advanced module (three days) will have a practice-oriented focus, providing participants with in-depth knowledge of issues related to data protection in theory and practice. The objective is to enable participants to obtain an expert's working knowledge of Data Protection and to qualify them as data protection specialists.Certification requirementsParticipants will receive a certificate of attendance after completing the training course. Participants who wish to obtain a certification will have to pass a final test at the end of the advanced module, covering the subject matters dealt with in both modules.Attendance to both modules is in principle required for all the participants. However, participants who can demonstrate a proven working experience in the field of Data Protection can be admitted to the advanced module.Officially appointed DPOs of the EU institutions, agencies and bodies with more than a year of seniority in post, as well as those who have attended the EDPS training or any other relevant data protection training by EIPA or other institutions, or the meetings of the network of the DPOs, are allowed to proceed straight to the advanced module. The certification test at the end of the advanced training covers the subjects dealt with during both, the basic and the advanced module.


The test will cover the issues discussed over the complete five-day programme and is composed of multiple-choice questions associated with scenarios and simulations.

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European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA)

Het Europees instituut voor bestuurskunde (beter bekend als The European Institute of Public Administration - ofwel EIPA) streeft ernaar om de kennis van ambtenaren die zich met de EU bezighouden te vergroten door het ontwikkelen en organiseren van trainingen. Het instituut wil wetenschappelijke kennis en praktische 'know–how' met elkaar verbinden. EIPA bestaat al meer dan 35 jaar.

Het hoofdkantoor van EIPA is gevestigd in Maastricht en heeft dependances in Luxemburg en Barcelona. Gemiddeld nemen 14.000 nationale en Europese ambtenaren per jaar deel aan de trainingen. Daarnaast biedt EIPA ook consultancy, onderzoek en op maat gemaakte programma’s/trainingen aan. Bij EIPA werken circa 120 hoogopgeleide medewerkers.


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