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Barroso overlegt over de telefoon met de Chinese premier (en)

Met dank overgenomen van Europese Commissie (EC), gepubliceerd op vrijdag 27 april 2012.

"Prime-Minister Wen Jiabao called President Barroso for an exchange on issues of mutual interest. Prime-Minister Wen informed President Barroso of the results achieved in his most recent European tour that took him to Germany, Iceland, Sweden and Poland. President Barroso welcomed the Chinese efforts to reinforce the relations with EU Member States. Both leaders agreed on the importance to follow up on the important results achieved on the 14th EU-China Summit held in Beijing.

The upcoming visit of the Vice-Prime-Minister Li Keqiang to Brussels on 3 May will be an important opportunity to launch some of the new initiatives agreed at the Summit, in particular on Urbanisation and Energy.

The economic situation was also discussed and Prime Minister Wen reiterated the Chinese support for the actions taken in Europe to overcome the current problems. The recent decisions by G20 Finance Ministers on the reinforcement of the IMF funds were also touched upon and President Barroso recalled the important European contribution and the positive impact of these announcements for the global economy. Both leaders agreed to remain in contact on these issues."


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