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Benoeming bestuur Groen Klimaatfonds vertraagd door getouwtrek om gewenste aantal vertegenwoordigers vanuit EU (en)

Met dank overgenomen van Deens voorzitterschap Europese Unie 1e helft 2012, gepubliceerd op vrijdag 30 maart 2012.

Today in Brussels, the EU discussed the nomination of board members to the Green Climate Fund. The Fund was launched at COP17 in Durban last December. There has been a significant interest for representation on the board from both EU Member States and the Commission.

The Presidency of the Council, together with all Member States and the Commission, has worked hard for an EU-based solution. Despite willingness to compromise and adequately share board seats (composed of Members and Alternate Members), it has, unfortunately, not been possible to come to an agreement within the EU.

Hence, candidates from EU Member States and the Commission will now engage in discussions with the broader group of candidates from other developed countries. For this reason respective nominations from the group of developed country parties will be withheld until these discussions have taken place.

The Danish Presidency is confident that a solution can be reached well ahead of the first meeting of the Board of the Green Climate Fund scheduled for late April. Discussions within the EU and with representatives of the other developed countries have shown a strong collective commitment to the success of the Green Climate Fund. The extensive interest in representation on the Board is a testament to this.


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