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Studium Generale: The Chinese are Coming, Delft

stadhuis Delft
datum 6 maart 2012
plaats Delft
locatie Faculteit 3mE, Mekelweg 2 Toon locatie
organisatie TU Delft (TUD)

Studium Generale

door Evelien Bijl en Wim Ravesteijn

Hundreds of thousands of engineers annually enter the labor market in China. Ready to conquer the world with innovations. Is this a frightening scenario or just an opportunity for the Netherlands, including for the Dutch knowledge institutes and its knowledge intensive industry? International Top Talent (ITT) specializes in the recruitment and selection of Chinese professionals for European companies and knowledge institutions. As key project manager, Evelien Bijl coordinates diverse recruitment projects at International Top Talent. She completed her BBA degree in Trade Management for Asia at the Hogeschool Rotterdam and obtained a certificate from the Beijing University of Technology.


每年数十万计的工程师涌入中国的就业市场。ä»-们的目æ ‡直指征服ä¸-界创æ-°领域的市场。对于荷兰的ç ”究机构和知识密集型工业来说,这究竟是一个让人害怕的情景,还是一次难得的机会呢?来自高智国际(ITT, International Top Talent)的Evelien Bij 将为我们揭开谜底。ITT专门从事针对来自中国的专业人士的招聘和挑选,以备来欧洲的公司工作。作为ITT关键项目的经理,Evelien Bijl 组织各种形式多æ ·的招聘活动。她本人曾在鹿特丹商学院获得工商管理学士学位,并且å-得了北京工业大学的相关æ-‡凭。

Toegang gratis

Meer informatie: www.sg.tudelft.nl


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