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Voorstellen van FISCUS voor 2014-2020 (en)

Met dank overgenomen van Directoraat-generaal Belastingen en douane-unie (TAXUD), gepubliceerd op woensdag 21 december 2011.


EU Customs and Taxation policy make a substantial contribution in helping to raise revenues for the EU and Member States' budgets every year. In addition, these policies deliver considerable benefits to EU citizens and business, whether it is through blocking unsafe or illegal imports, facilitating smooth trade and a strong Internal Market, or cutting compliance costs and red tape for cross-border companies.

In order to build on this work and be fully equipped to meet future challenges in these fields, the European Commission on 9 November 2011 adopted a proposal for the FISCUS programme.

What and how?

With a budget of € 777.6 million, the programme will run for 7 years from January 1 2014.

  • FISCUS will support the cooperation between customs and tax authorities and other parties, to help maximise their efficiency and avoid mismatches in their work, which could hinder the Internal Market.
  • The programme also provides the possibility of country-specific assistance when particular challenges call for it.
  • It will facilitate networking, joint actions and training amongst tax and customs personnel, while also funding cutting-edge IT systems to enable the development of fully fledged e-administrations in customs and tax.

By relying on shared development of IT, every euro spent jointly can generate cost-savings of at least four times as much for Member States.

For further information see the press release (IP/11/1328), the frequently asked questions (MEMO/11/767), the proposal (COM/2011/706), the citizens' summary, and the impact assessment (SEC/2011/1317, volume 1 and volume 2) and its summary (SEC/2011/1318).

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