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EU besluit tot nieuwe toltarieven voor Chinese containervrachtwagens (en)

Met dank overgenomen van EUobserver (EUOBSERVER), gepubliceerd op dinsdag 11 oktober 2011, 9:32.

The EU on Monday agreed to renew tariffs on warehouse trucks from China and Thailand for another five years in order to protect European manufacturers from unfair competition.

The tariffs, varying between 7.6 and 46.7 percent, apply to hand-pallet trucks, which are used in warehouses to move around materials stored on wooden pallets. The EU had initially introduced the anti-dumping measure in 2005 to prevent exporters such as Zhejiang Noblelift Equipment and Ningbo Ruyi from selling this type of machinery below the European market price.

"The Union industry has consistently lost market share while imports from [China] have substantially increased in market share over the period considered. Two of the original four Union producers have stopped the production of the product investigated. Moreover, the Union industry has suffered material injury during the period considered. Without the existence of the measures, the Union industry would likely be in an even worse situation," EU environment ministers said in Luxembourg on Monday when explaining the renewed measure.

The call for renewed tariffs was made by Italy's Lifter company and a Swedish unit of Japan's Toyota Industries.

The companies, which the EU says account for “almost the total” bloc-wide production of hand pallet trucks, claimed that letting the trade protection expire would probably result in further dumping by Chinese exporters and injury to the European industry.

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