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eHealth week 2012, Kopenhagen

Het stadhuis van Kopenhagen
datum 7 mei 2012 - 9 mei 2012
plaats Kopenhagen, Denemarken
aanwezigen N. (Neelie) Kroes, J. (John) Dalli e.a.
organisatie Europese Commissie (EC)

eHealth week 2012 will take place in Copenhagen from 7 to 9 May, bringing together two main events: the 10th high-level eHealth conference and the 6th WoHIT conference and exhibition.

It is the largest annual pan-European eHealth event, bringing together policy makers, industry partners and providers, government and regional decision makers, healthcare professionals, users and patients associations. The week focuses on the continuity of care and patient-centric health services through the use of innovative eHealth solutions.

In addition, several side events will take place such as the EIP on Active and Healthy Ageing track, the EU US cooperation on eHealth workshop and the Competition to reward the best innovative european SME.

This year's European eHealth Week expects around 4.000 participants. Participants at the eHealth week conference will discuss the role of eHealth in tackling common challenges such as improving the use of resources as well as prevention, detection and treatment of chronic diseases.

The background:

Healthcare costs in Europe have been rising ever since the 1960s. With 29% of the EU population due to be over 65 years of age, it is uncertain how long the current health care system can be maintained. EU countries are faced with the tough choice of either an increase in annual health care premiums or spending cuts. The European Commission is encouraging governments to focus more on innovation and smart spending like eHealth, as part of the solution.

The high-level Ministerial "eHealth" conferences have been co-organised by the countries holding the EU Presidency since 2003. Presentations are given on the latest technologies in on-line health, tools, applications and best practices.

Promoting eHealth is a key objective of the Digital Agenda for Europe. The European Commission has been investing in eHealth research for over 20 years. The eHealth Action Plan launched in 2004 will be updated by the end of 2012. It has been developing targeted policy initiatives aimed at fostering widespread adoption of eHealth technologies across the EU. In addition, the recently adopted EU Directive on patients' rights in crossborder health-care supports future cooperation on eHealth by foreseeing the establishment of a voluntary network for cooperation among Member States.



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