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Van Rompuy op 26 en 27 mei bij G8-top in Deauville (en)

Met dank overgenomen van Raad van de Europese Unie (Raad), gepubliceerd op donderdag 28 april 2011.

Herman Van Rompuy , President of the European Council, will represent the European Union with President José Manuel Barroso at the G8 summit which shall take place from 26 to 27 May in Deauville (France).

This is the first time since the beginning of the transitions in the Arab world that the G8 leaders will convene to address these developments. The Summit is expected to deliver a strong message of support to the democratic transition. The EU has already set out its approach towards the region in its strategy on the 'Partnership for Democracy and Shared Prosperity'.

The gathering will also serve as a platform to promote nuclear safety at global level following the nuclear incident in Japan.

The main topics to be discussed by G8 leaders in Deauville are: developments in the Arab world, the Internet, the world economy and trade, peace and security, nuclear safety, development accountability and the G8 Partnership with Africa. Also green growth and innovation will figure on the agenda.

The European Union is a full member of both the G8 and the G20. In 2011, France chairs both the G8 and the G20. The G8 continue to play an important role in shaping global responses to global challenges. It does so in a complementary way to the G20 leaders' process, which has been designated the world's "premier forum for international economic cooperation". The G20 summit will follow on 3-4 November 2011 in Cannes.

Follow President Van Rompuy on Twitter: www.twitter.com/euHvR


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