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ERAB report: Preparing Europe for a new renaissance

Met dank overgenomen van European University Association (EUA), gepubliceerd op donderdag 15 oktober 2009.

Category: Eua News, Research News, Newsletter 17/2009

The European Research Area Board (ERAB) last week published its first annual report "Preparing Europe for a New Renaissance - A Strategic View of the European Research Area".

This report by the high-level advisory group set up by the Commission to advise on the realisation of a European Research Area (ERA) seeks to outline how the European Research Area should develop by 2030.

In addition to giving a broad view of what is needed to accomplish a "Renaissance" in European research, it identifies six main areas for action:

  • • 
    the creation of a united ERA
  • • 
    the solution of our grand challenges (climate change, energy supply, ageing societies, etc.)
  • • 
    the interaction of science and society
  • • 
    the collaboration of public and private sectors in open innovation
  • • 
    the encouragement of excellence, and
  • • 
    the promotion of cohesion.

Dr John Smith, Deputy Secretary-General, who represented EUA at the launch event in Brussels on 6th October, indicated that a challenging agenda had been put forward in which Europe’s universities would play their full part. On several of the “ERA Milestones” foreseen in implementing these six actions, EUA had several project and membership activities whose results and experience could contribute valuable input, for example, on mobility of researchers and doctoral candidates, open innovation and knowledge exchange. EUA looked forward to further dialogue with ERAB in the coming months.

Please click here to view the full report.

Published on: Thursday, 15 October 2009 14:35

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