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Working Party on Terrorism (International Aspects) (COTER) troika between the EU and Australia, Brussel

Brussel, het Atomium
datum 8 december 2009
plaats Brussel, België
locatie Brussels, Belgium Toon locatie
organisatie General Affairs and External Relations

Working Party on Terrorism (International Aspects) (COTER) troika between the EU and Australia

Meeting between the EU and Australia with the purpose of exchanging ideas about the threat of terrorism and various aspects of the fight against terrorism.

The Working Party on Terrorism (International Aspects) (COTER) deals with current issues in the area of international cooperation against terrorism. Its work focuses on measures in the EU and the UN. COTER works to implement the EU Counter-Terrorism Strategy and Strategy for Combating Radicalisation and Recruitment to Terrorism.

During each Presidency, a number of expert-level meetings with third countries are held in troika form within the framework of the COTER Working Party. Meetings with the USA and Russia take place during the course of each Presidency. Meetings with other countries are held once a year and meetings with certain other countries take the form of ad hoc troikas. Standing items on the agenda usually include an analysis of the current terrorist threat internationally and regionally; current developments at national level with regard to instruments for fighting terrorism; how best to counter recruitment and radicalisation, and views of cooperation in various international forums.  Discussions also cover technical assistance to third countries to increase skills in the context of the fight against terrorism as well as various aspects concerning the funding of terrorism.




Raadswerkgroepvergadering (CWG)


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