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European Conference: equal opportunities for all

datum 28 november 2007 09:10

In most municipalities there is some measure of congestion on the social-, housing- and participation ladders. Equal opportunities facilitates the process of climbing on these ladders for the continuous influx of new climbers on the bottom rungs of the ladder. 

That is what the conference on `Citizenship and Human capital in an diverse Europe' is about: to explore means to foster enduring progress. By learning from another, by exchanging views and experiences. 

This conference offers unique opportunities for broadening our views. Politicians, experts and representatives of immigrant organisations from all the European countries will come together to discuss topics of the utmost importance for the future of our municipalities.

The conference is the answer on the CEMR declaration of Sevilla, October 2006.  

This conference is organized in the framework of the European year of Equal Opportunities for all and is being prepared in close cooperation with the CEMR and many other partners. The overall results of the conference will be used in a policy paper and Declaration as reaction on the "Handbook on immigration' and `Proposals for economic migration' to be published by the European Commission this year.

Meer informatie en aanmelding kunt u vinden op http://www.vngequal.eu/index.htm

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