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Nieuw importregime voor gevogelte tussen EU en Brazilië (en)

vrijdag 27 oktober 2006

The European Commission has concluded an agreement with Brazil on a new regime for imports of salted poultrymeat, preparations of turkey meat and cooked chicken meat into the EU. The agreement modifies the current bound tariff rate concessions for the three items in question and foresees the creation of three new tariff rate quotas (TRQs), in conformity with the procedure set out by GATT Article XXVIII. Under this procedure, a WTO Member has the right to withdraw a concession provided that compensation is offered to the main trade partners.

"I am very pleased with the outcome of these negotiations, which ensures that our interests are safeguarded while at the same time successfully completing the necessary changes to our bound duties for poultry meat in accordance with WTO rules", said Mariann Fischer Boel, EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development.

For salted poultry meat, currently subject to a bound tariff rate of 15.4% with no volume restrictions, the new concession will provide for a total ceiling of 264,245 tons imported at the same bound rate of 15.4% ad valorem. For quantities above this, the out-of-quota rate will be 1,300€/ton. The allocation for Brazil will be 170,807 tons. With regard to preparations of turkey meat, at present subject to a bound rate of 8.5% with no restrictions on imported quantities, the new schedule will provide for a ceiling of 103,896 tons imported under the same current bound rate of 8.5% ad valorem. The out-of-quota rate will be 1,024€/ton. The quantity allocated to Brazil will be 92,300 tons. For the third product, cooked chicken meat, currently subject to a bound tariff rate of 10.9%, the concession will provide for a total tariff quota of 230,453 tons imported under the same tariff of 10.9% ad valorem. The out-of-quota rate will be 1,024€/ton. The volume attributed to Brazil will be 73,000 tons.

The EU will manage the TRQs on the basis of an import licensing system.


The EC notified to the WTO on 15 June 2006 its intention to modify the concessions contained in the EC Schedule for three poultry lines in accordance with GATT Article XXVIII.

The Commission conducted negotiations with WTO Members having negotiating rights: Brazil, for salted poultrymeat (HS code 0210 99 39), for turkey meat (HS code 1602 31) and for cooked chicken meat (HS code 1602 32 19) and with Thailand, for salted poultrymeat and cooked chicken meat. Negotiations with Thailand are not concluded yet.

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