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Nieuw hoofd vertegenwoordiging Europees Parlement in Finland (en)

vrijdag 30 juni 2006

Mr Antti Peltomäki has been nominated as Head of European Commission Representation in Finland. Mr Peltomäki will be responsible of informing the Finnish community on EU's policies and bring the European Union closer to Finnish citizens, one of the key priorities set by the present Commission and its Vice-President Margot Wallström. As Head of Representation Mr Peltomäki will represent the European Commission in Finland and report to the Commission on developments in the country.

Antti Peltomäki has during his career followed EU matters very closely: as State Secretary at the Government Secretariat for EU Affairs in the Finnish Prime Minster's Office Mr Peltomäki has also been responsible for various coordination tasks concerning Finland's participation in the EU's policy-making.

The Representation is the official representative body of the European Commission in Finland. It is responsible for informing the Finnish community on the different policies and programmes of the European Union and their probable effects. The Representation disseminates information on the EU throughout Finland by means of its cooperating partners such as public libraries, business guidance centres, schools and training establishments. The Representation reports to the Commission on developments and trends in the field of politics, economy and society in Finland. .

Mr Antti Peltomäki will take up his new duties in July 2006. Mr Paavo Mäkinen will continue as Deputy Head of Representation and Mrs Marjatta Hautala as Press Officer. The staff working at the Commission Representation in Helsinki totals 20 people.


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