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De Dienstenrichtlijn: laten we er het beste van maken!

Met dank overgenomen van Unie van Industriefederaties der Europese Gemeenschap (UNICE), gepubliceerd op dinsdag 30 mei 2006.

Now that a political agreement has been reached in the Competitiveness Council

yesterday, UNICE acknowledges that legislative discussion on this proposal is coming to

an end.

Progress has been made on freedom of establishment, screening of national

requirements, quality of services and information to recipients, and transnational

administrative cooperation. UNICE is particularly pleased with the screening and

notification process for national requirements that can be imposed on providers. This will

increase transparency and counterbalance to some extent the legal uncertainty.

Nevertheless, UNICE still regrets the excessively reduced scope of the directive and the

legal uncertainty as regards the applicable law for cross-border provision of services.

Ernest-Antoine Seillière, President of UNICE : "The result of very difficult negotiations,

this proposal, although insufficiently ambitious, is a promising step towards creation of a

genuine internal market for services in the EU. We therefore have to make the best of it.

"When the legislative process has been completed, it is vital that Member States

transpose and implement it correctly and in good time so that the expected contribution

to the growth and job strategy is fully realised. UNICE and its national members will

closely follow this process and will contribute actively."


UNICE is the voice of more than 20 million small, medium and large companies.

Active in European affairs since 1958, UNICE's members are 39 central industrial and employers' federations

from 33 countries, working together to achieve growth and competitiveness in Europe.

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