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Agenda Europa

Agenda-overzicht Europese Commissie
Datum Vergadering Plaats
24-02-2020 ma EC press point by Commissioners Janez LENARČIČ and Stella KYRIAKIDES ... Brussel
24-02-2020 ma EC Midday press briefing of 24/02/2020 Brussel
25-02-2020 di EC Midday press briefing of 25/02/2020 Brussel
26-02-2020 wo Asia-Europe Sustainable Connectivity Scientific Conference Asia
26-02-2020 wo 186th DCI Committee Meeting on Geographic Programmes, 26th February 2020 Brussel
26-02-2020 wo Read-out of the College meeting of 26/02/2020 Brussel
27-02-2020 do Meeting of the Committee for the Common Organisation of the Agricultural ... Brussel
27-02-2020 do EC Midday press briefing of 27/02/2020 Brussel
28-02-2020 vr EC Midday press briefing of 28/02/2020 Brussel
02-03-2020 ma 79th Nitrates Committee Brussel
03-03-2020 di _04 Meeting of the Committee on Organic Production Brussel
04-03-2020 wo CEF Committee - Transport Sector Brussel
05-03-2020 do 78th Maritime Security Committee Meeting (Marsec 78) Brussel
05-03-2020 do Meeting of the Technical Committee on Motor Vehicles (TCMV) Brussel
06-03-2020 vr European Citizens' Initiative 2.0: Design, Engage, Impact! Brussel
11-03-2020 wo Meeting of the Committee on Waste established under Article 39 of Directive /EC ... Brussel
11-03-2020 wo 25th PC meeting 25th PC meeting for the Specific Programme implementing Horizon ... Brussel
11-03-2020 wo 18th meeting of the Single European Railway Area Committee Brussel
12-03-2020 do 11th International Conference on Improving Energy Efficiency in Commercial ... Frankfurt am Main
12-03-2020 do Energy Efficiency Directive Committee Meeting Brussel

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