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Agenda Europa

Agenda-overzicht Europese Commissie
Datum Vergadering Plaats
24-07-2019 wo Weekly meeting of the College of Commissioners Brussel
24-07-2019 wo Meeting of the Trade Defence Instruments Committee Brussel
24-07-2019 wo Exterior views of the European Commission: Brussel
24-07-2019 wo Read-out of the College meeting / press conference by Vice-President Valdis ... Brussel
24-07-2019 wo EC Press statements by Commissioner Johannes HAHN and the Prime Minister of the ... Brussel
25-07-2019 do -Committee for the Common organisation of the Agricultural Markets - Arable ... Brussel
25-07-2019 do Linkedin live on New EU rules for the Platform Economy Brussel
25-07-2019 do EC Midday press briefing of 25/07/2019 Brussel
26-07-2019 vr EC Midday press briefing of 26/07/2019 Brussel
29-07-2019 ma EC Midday press briefing of 29/07/2019 Brussel
30-07-2019 di EC Midday press briefing of 30/07/2019 Brussel
31-07-2019 wo EC Midday press briefing of 31/07/2019 Brussel
01-08-2019 do EC Midday press briefing of 01/08/2019 Brussel
02-08-2019 vr EC Midday press briefing of 02/08/2019 Brussel
05-09-2019 do European high-level conference on carbon capture and storage Oslo
09-09-2019 ma 36th European PV Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition Marseille
12-09-2019 do 11th Citizens Energy Forum Dublin
16-09-2019 ma European Mobility Week 2019 Heel Europa
23-09-2019 ma Workshop on extreme events and energy transitions - Tackling the challenges of ... Ispra

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