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Agenda Europa

Agenda-overzicht Europese Commissie
Datum Vergadering Plaats
24-04-2019 wo EC Midday press briefing of 24/04/2019 Brussel
25-04-2019 do Our forests, our future: Sustainable forest management to address societal ... Brussel
25-04-2019 do EU Refining Forum Brussel
25-04-2019 do PAFF Committee, section PLANT HEALTH Brussel
25-04-2019 do Meeting of the Committee for the Common Organisation of the Agricultural ... Brussel
25-04-2019 do EC Midday press briefing of 25/04/2019 Brussel
26-04-2019 vr PAFF Committee - section Phytopharmaceuticals-Pesticide Residues (as part of ... Brussel
26-04-2019 vr EC Midday press briefing of 26/04/2019 Brussel
27-04-2019 za Transport Research Arena 2020 Helsinki
29-04-2019 ma Conference 'Better regulation: taking stock and sustaining our commitment' Brussel
29-04-2019 ma Addressing price volatility and the financing needs of young farmers and ... Brussel
29-04-2019 ma 14th European Nuclear Energy Forum Praag
30-04-2019 di 95th SCAC Meeting Brussel
30-04-2019 di 89th Customs Code Committee General Legislation with April 2019 Brussel
30-04-2019 di PAFF Committee - Geneticall Modified Food and Feed Brussel
30-04-2019 di PAFF Committee, section Novel Food and Toxicological Safety, Brussel
30-04-2019 di Meeting of the Committee for Rural Development (joint with Direct Payments) Brussel
30-04-2019 di Meeting of the Committee for Direct Payments (joint with Committee for Rural ... Brussel
30-04-2019 di Citizens' dialogue in Brussels with Commissioner Tibor Navracsics Brussel
02-05-2019 do Meeting of the Committee for the Adaptation to scientific and technical ... Brussel

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