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Eurokritische partij in Slovenië verdedigt sociale waarden in aanloop Europese verkiezingen (en)

Met dank overgenomen van EUobserver (EUOBSERVER), gepubliceerd op dinsdag 11 mei 2004, 17:42.
Auteur: Lisbeth Kirk

Ljubljana on Tuesday (11 May) saw the launch of a new EU-critical list to run in the European elections.

Under the name "Junijska Listan" a group of health workers, trade union representatives and NGO's presented a cross-political platform and candidates for the June elections.

Focussed on the small countries' position in the European Union and the social welfare of the people, this new list is hoping to get one or more of the seven Slovenian seats in the European Parliament.

Heading this list is Professor of Communication at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Ljubljana University, Manca Kosir.

"We cannot go on sending neo-liberalist politicians to Brussels to form the future of this country. We want to develop a social welfare policy which is securing the people", she told the EUobserver.

She explained that the new Slovenian June list is opposed to the draft EU Constitution since, she says, it does not ensure social stability in the EU.

The Scandinavian example

"Young people, the poor, the disabled - they are bound to lose. We would like to develop instead a social model similar to the Scandinavian one, which is also much more favourable to women", she said.

Such a social balanced future for the people will not be possible in the EU, as it is currently developing, she warned.

The new list presents an equal number of male and female candidates. Among them Mrs Jelka Cernivec, President of the Health care Union of Slovenia and Ms Draga Lapornik, a winner in the Olympic Games for disabled people.

June lists are also running in the European Parliament elections in Denmark and Sweden.

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