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Citizens' Dialogue in Hague with Alexander Italianer, Secretary-General of the European Commission | European Commission, Den Haag

Den Haag, Ridderzaal
datum 31 mei 2017
plaats Den Haag
locatie The Hague Toon locatie
aanwezigen A. (Alexander) Italianer e.a.
organisatie Europese Commissie (EC)

Secretary-General of the Commission Alexander Italianer, a Dutch citizen, will engage in an open conversation with the participants. This is one of a series of Citizens’ Dialogues that the Commission is organising in all countries of the Union, allowing the citizens an opportunity to discuss directly with representatives of the European institutions about the kind of Europe they want to live in and their expectations for the future.

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On 25 March 2017, 27 leaders of the European Union’s Member States came together in Rome to mark the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome. That alone is an achievement that many would have thought unthinkable when the six founding Member States, including the Netherlands, agreed on the Treaties in 1957.

The Rome Declaration adopted at the Summit in March 2017 was also the start of a new chapter of the European project. The Declaration acknowledges that the Union is facing unprecedented challenges, both global and domestic: regional conflicts, terrorism, growing migratory pressures, protectionism and social and economic inequalities. Europe’s leaders however proclaimed in unity their determination to address the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

In March 2017, the European Commission launched its contribution for this process in which a united Europe at 27 determines its own destiny and carves out a vision for its own future. The Commission encourages a broad debate across the continent on the possible scenarios for the future of Europe. This will allow President Juncker to take the ideas forward in his State of the Union speech in September 2017.

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Practical information


Wednesday 31 May 2017, 16.30 - 17.30 (CEST)


Speakers' Corner, The Hague University of Applied Sciences Johanna Westerdijkplein 75, 2521 EN The Hague, Netherlands

Part of

Citizens' Dialogues





Europese Commissie (EC)

Deze instelling van de Europese Unie kan worden beschouwd als het 'dagelijks bestuur' van de EU. De leden van de Europese Commissie worden 'eurocommissarissen' genoemd. Elke eurocommissaris is verantwoordelijk voor één of meerdere beleidsgebieden. Momenteel zijn er 28 eurocommissarissen, voor elke lidstaat één. Samen vormen zij het college van eurocommissarissen. De eurocommissarissen moeten het belang van de Europese Unie als geheel behartigen, niet dat van hun eigen land.

De Europese Commissie mag als enige EU-instelling wetsvoorstellen indienen. Daarnaast controleert de Commissie of de Europese wetgeving juist wordt toegepast in de lidstaten. Bij overtredingen kan de Commissie een lidstaat dwingen zich aan Europese regelgeving te houden, door een procedure te starten bij het Europese Hof van Justitie.


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